Simple. Smart. Snack.

Snack right from the pack with Naturipe’s® convenient triple-washed and ready-to-eat snacks! These innovative single-serving portions are an easy and smart choice for grab-and-go snacking. Choose from our 100% Blueberry snack pack or our Blueberry & Grape Blend snack pack, with our innovative crush-proof packaging that’s tightly sealed and ultra-portable.

Find these simple, smart snacks in your local produce section!

one hundred percent fresh blueberries

Perfectly Packable Portions

  • Snack right from the pack
  • Keep in your purse or roll up into your yoga mat for a 20-calorie healthy energy boost
  • Pack into the kids’ lunchboxes – these snack packs were specifically designed to be easy for kids to open and hold

Easily Add Fresh Fruit to your Daily Routine

  • Toss with your trail mix for a sweet, juicy contrast
  • Top off your favorite beverage as a fun twist on bubble tea
  • Pop blueberries atop your bagel and cream cheese
  • Cover cupcakes or frosted brownies to pair fresh fruit with a decadent treat
Blueberry Grape Blend