Snacking simplified
health-conscious foodies

Healthy and convenient Naturipe Snacks™ pair fresh-picked strawberries, blueberries, and grapes with specialty cheese and seasoned whole nuts in one portable package.

Naturipe Snacks are a perfect pick for ready-to-eat snacking that nourishes and satisfies with protein, fiber, Vitamin C, and calcium anytime and anywhere—with no preparation time required. Choose from a variety of six tastefully curated fruit, cheese, and nut combinations to satisfy any craving from sweet to savory and mild to spicy.

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Rich & Savory

With Strawberries, Roasted Salted Pistachios & Mild Gouda Cheese

Sweet & Crunchy

With Strawberries & Blueberries, Cinnamon Almonds & White Cheddar Cheese

Smooth & Smokey

With Strawberries & Blueberries, Smokey Almonds & Monterey Jack Cheese

Sweet & Zesty

With Strawberries,Cracked Black Pepper Cashews & Aged Swiss Cheese

Classic & Sharp

With Grapes & Blueberries, Roasted Sea Salt Almonds & Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Bold & Spicy

With Grapes, Chili Mango Cashews & Pepper Jack Cheese

Find Naturipe Snacks in your grocer’s produce and dairy departments!

Post Workout Boost

Just wrapped a workout but still have to run to the office? Grab Naturipe Snacks for an added health boost and a satisfied stomach. Nutrient-rich fruit, cheese and nuts will help keep your energy peaked, even after you leave the gym.

Afternoon Slump Buster

Bypass the 3pm workday slump with a nutrient-rich snack packed with natural sugars and a protein-punch to boost your afternoon with a sustained energy release to get you through the rest of your day. You’ll be feeling good not just because you ate, but also because of what you ate. After all, when fresh is best, reach for Naturipe Snacks.

Road Trip Tip

Nothing beats a road trip for adventure, spontaneity and fun, but healthy food options can be hard to come by as you drive past one fast-food place after another. Stock up on Naturipe Snacks so you can kick back, turn on the tunes, enjoy a tasty snack of creamy cheese, seasoned nuts and fresh juicy fruit… and enjoy the ride.

Anytime Snacking

You never have to worry about missing a meal when you have Naturipe Snacks on hand. Packed with protein and fresh fruit, it will get you through to your next meal no problem. Healthy snacking means you’re less likely to reach for the candy bowl, and with six different flavors, there’s plenty of variety to keep your taste-buds happy.

Saturday Shuffle

You’ve packed the water bottle, uniform, and sports equipment and got the kids in the car for the big game, but there’s one thing missing–a snack for you! Perfectly portioned and full of nutrition, grab Naturipe Snacks and you’ll be able to focus on the game instead of your growling belly.

Don't Break Your Stride

When you break ground on a new project, you don’t want to stop what you’re doing when hunger strikes. Fuel up with Naturipe Snacks so you can keep plowing through.